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Jalal Partners with Aria Noir to Create an Eyewear Brand for Designers Made by Designers

Since time immemorial, fashion has been one of the ultimate platforms for self-expression. While some people use it to tell tales of survival and success in their own lives, others utilize it to empower others, sending powerful messages across the globe.

A lifelong creative and fashion lover, musician Jalal has collaborated with Aria Noir, a premium eyewear brand that acknowledges and embraces creativity in all forms has driven this powerhouse towards the pinnacles of greatness. As he continues to materialize his vision, the emerging entity hopes to serve as a launching pad for fashion professionals and enthusiasts across the globe.

From a young age, Jalal has seen the beauty in the things surrounding him. He believes that he should not limit his creative spirit in the world of music. Thus, this multifaceted go-getter delved deep into other pursuits, such as the fashion realm.

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