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ARIA NOIR Completes Shooting of Music Video in Kyiv, Ukraine

KYIV, UKRAINE / ACCESSWIRE / April 21, 2023 / ARIA NOIR, whose limited edition of self-authenticating apparel is designed by designers, for designers, has announced it has finished shooting its latest music video in Kyiv, Ukraine. The production of the company's signature song "Aria Noir," which embodies beauty, design, grace, and drama, included four model-actors and two ballet dancers who performed in the National Opera of Ukraine.

ARIA NOIR says that its production team is especially proud of the video given its often difficult road to completion. The war in Ukraine and its impact on the population delayed the video's production.

"We had to find and collect our team members in one place for the project, which was not an easy task," says Tetyana Bolgar, the music video's casting director and project manager. "A lot of female models and actresses left the country when the war started or moved to safer regions of Ukraine. Some male models and actors were fighting or volunteering, and the production team had to travel to Kyiv from the west. They had no doubts about joining the project because they were creative artists who appreciate great works of art, which ‘Aria Noir' is."

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