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Forging Ahead into the Metaverse: Aria Noir and Wearable NFTs

The fashion industry is always trying to be ahead of the next big trend, but the most critical trend for fashion brands to keep up with these days is not a particular style or look - it's a medium to create in. Each day, more and more fashion brands are beginning to embrace the metaverse as a venue to craft revolutionary new styles, including Toronto-based luxury fashion brand Aria Noir, which is pioneering a new fashion NFT program in partnership with Centennial College.

Fashion in the metaverse

These programs are part of a movement among fashion startups of using the metaverse to make an impact in the digital sphere. "Fashion has always been an artistic and visual medium," explains Vivian Ramírez, spokesperson for Aria Noir. "The metaverse is now enabling our virtual lives to become more visual. As such, the opportunity has opened up for exciting new voices in the fashion industry to bring their unique visual flair to a space whose influence continues to grow."

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