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ARIANOIR Accepted as a Resident in Toronto Fashion Incubator Program

ARIANOIR, an independent luxury fashion boutique, has recently been accepted as one of ten designers for a year-long mentorship in the Toronto Fashion Incubator, or TFI, Program.

ARIANOIR was originally referred to TFI by Cynthia Florek, a fashion industry expert who is an active mentor in the program. "We're happy to have been getting a positive response from mentors, and even celebrity stylist and art director Rebekah Roy," ARIANOIR says. "We're looking forward to navigating the knife's edge of fashion with confidence wrought from the empowerment of education. We plan to meet with every mentor and take every opportunity provided through this program."

TFI is a non-profit organization that originally launched in 1987 and has since helped entrepreneurs navigate the fashion industry all while giving them the foundational and business-related skills they need to succeed.

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