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Prima Arquitectura + Aria Noir create a modular house capable of being transported and assembled anywhere



Prima Arquitectura created the Modular House for the company Aria Noir. The concept was based on producing a house that could be assembled anywhere using easy-to-transport parts and capable of growing in a modular way, thus making it a totally flexible and unique home. The main challenge during the process was that the design adapts to any environment where the project is installed, in such a way that it is able to take advantage of the orientations and respond correctly to the climatic conditions that exist in different places such as winds, soil and sunlight.


In order for the Modular House to have the required level of flexibility, it was necessary to implement a material that adapted to the climatic conditions and that was also practical at the time of transfer. At the same time, versatile parts were required to be assembled on site with optimal measurements as these facilitate the construction process.

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