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How New Fashion Brand Aria Noir is Using NFT’s to Authenticate Purchases

Fashion Brand Aria Noir and NFTs

Aria Noir patterns itself after perfection, aligning its enterprise with the equilibrium of both pretty and practical things, focusing on doing more with less, and emphasizing quality over quantity. Aria Noir is where sacred geometry speaks.

As with many other brands adopting NFTs into their business model, Aria Noir knows that brands need to take risks when setting themselves up for success. “Success demands sacrifice. Don’t half-step, and be prepared to spend money,” says Jalal, the brand’s ambassador known as the rapper Feros. “If you think you will launch a successful fashion brand without putting something of yourself on the line, think again. Success and hard work go hand-in-hand in this industry, but you have to be able and willing to make those investments in your future success.”

Aria Noir’s goal is to pair its products with digital collectibles so that the customer can have something that is material — the products — and immaterial; the NFT.

When Aria Noir presents its new collection each season, they plan to offer an equal amount of NFTs for each item to give it a unique identity for every customer. It is a way of certifying the authenticity of the product and offering a collectible that can appreciate in value, which will be redeemable within the Aria Noir brand.

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